Mission Statement:  Our commitment is to provide an Order-to-Cash consulting experience that increases cash flow. J Lynd Consulting also offers a challenging career for veterans and active-duty military soldiers transitioning into the civilian sector.  

J Lynd Consulting, LLC offers a comprehensive Order-to-Cash Consulting service and a Staffing Service that meets your business needs. Our Staffing service aims to serve as a surrogate that assists transitioning US Military service members and veterans from a military career to a worthwhile civilian professional career. Our goal is to ensure that the service member never experiences unemployment or underemployment after separating from the military by partnering with United States military installations worldwide. 

J Lynd Consulting also offers Order-to-Cash (O2C) services that enable corporations to improve and manage their O2C cycle from start to finish. We guide our clients to success from any starting point, whether they require a comprehensive process improvement plan or a subset of processes.


  • Accounts Receivable reductions (measured by days sales outstanding)
  • Expanded cash flow
  • Faster resolution of customer disputes
  • Optimize customer satisfaction 

Our emphasis on your process is the foundation of our approach. Our services integrate and manage the challenges you face, including order management, credit management, billing, collections management, dispute/deduction management, cash applications, and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) creation. J Lynd Consulting's client value creation methodology optimizes performance across your people, process, and technology. These results provide scalable, sustainable infrastructure and significant improvement in Cash Flow.

Suppliers typically do not capture enough granular data in their Order-to-Cash (O2C) cycle to make headway against deductions or cannot access the data efficiently and productively. Moreover, they lack the necessary dedicated resources in operations and systems or have not estimated the scope of the issue to size the profit leakage possibility.

J Lynd Consulting ensures that a closed-loop management process guides the integrated process execution. The team also provides strong consulting and implementation expertise by taking control of these customer-facing functions. The Accounts Receivable role represents a critical element of your organization's bottom line. As you know, you cannot afford to do it wrong.

Now is an excellent time to explore J Lynd Consulting's order-to-cash expertise.

J Lynd Consulting ties financial transactions to customer relations, offering integration and seamless presentation of all or a small portion of the following processes: Order, Credit, Billing, Cash Collections, Chargeback, Disputes & Deductions, Cash Application, Reporting, and SOP creation.

A business process service built on solid capabilities such as:

  • Best-in-class process workflows
  • Skilled collections and dispute-resolution agents 
  • Rigorous process review and recommendations